Only snap polls can fix economic mess: Jhagra


KP Finance Minister Taimur Jhagra, while criticising the incumbent government, in a press conference here on Sunday, claimed the coalition leaders had failed to control inflation. “They blamed Imran Khan for the increasing dollar [rate] […] but 88 per cent of the business community thinks the country’s economy is not on the right track.”

“This is why the long march is important […] we need political stability to fix the economy so that a stable government can undertake fundamental reforms,” he said.

He then claimed that the State Bank has only eight billion dollars reserves. Vengeful politics has set aside the focus from collapsed economy, he added. Jhagra said the federal government has failed to stabilize the teetering economy and yet has the audacity to put all blames on the previous government. “We had put the economy back on track,” he claimed.

The price of petrol at the time of PTI government was 150 rupees, but the opposition criticized them for it, he said asked, “What is their performance now?”

He maintained inflation is hitting the public hard and everyone is experiencing its shocks at all level as Pakistan is facing financial challenges one after another. The price of basic necessities like oil, sugar and flour continued to soar, he added.

The federal government had made many promises to the people to fix the economy but they all fell apart, he averred. “Levelling baseless accusations against Imran Khan is the extent of the federal government’s accomplishments,” he opined.

Jhagra also lambasted the federal government stating that those who criticized PTI’s overnment for bowing to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had themselves kowtowed to the international lender.

He reiterated that the federal government had destroyed the economy and

it had exploited every province, adding despite being from Punjab, the

Shehbaz Sharif-led government had deprived the province of funds for

flood victims.

The people want their rights, not Shehbaz Sharif’s clothes, he stated.To discontinue the FATA funds is unacceptable, he said, adding everyone knows what the situation in the FATA is.

He then warned that the PTI does not want to take any step against the economy of Pakistan but it has formed a team to go to court against the federal government. “The objective of our long march is to save Pakistan,” he said.


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