Online scrutiny of papers for overseas decision commended

Staff Reporter

The agency for protection of overseas Pakistanis’ rights has commended Prime Minister Imran Khan and concerned federal government officials for facilitating online scrutiny of papers for overseas compatriots.

The present government has given the best protection to the rights of overseas Pakistanis by providing various facilities in the shortest possible time.
The government deserves congratulations on these steps.

Khalid Nawaz, Chief Executive Officer of Knight Human Management Shalan GL Pakistan expressed these views while addressing the participants of a training session held here in School of Arts and Design on Sunday for overseas Pakistanis workers.

Khalid Nawaz said that Pakistanis working abroad need to certify their technical skills at various levels.

These people used to face many difficulties and hassles in verifying their credentials, but under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission of Pakistan, through its website, not only provide facility to these Pakistani professionals for verification of certificates but they will now be able to get new certificates online from NEVTEC according to their technical skills.

‘This initiative of NEVTEC has facilitated overseas Pakistanis and reduced the difficulties they face in finding employment abroad.

Khalid Nawaz said that under the School of Arts and Design, people who are trained in various technical skills are equipped with all the skills and documents to meet the demand of local employment providers.

He also lauded the efforts of NEVTEC to set up RPL centers in various countries to facilitate overseas workers and said that these measures would not only secure the employment of people working abroad but also make the workers able to send more foreign exchange to their country which will help in stabilizing our economy.