One of its kind as mosque sets up free marriage hall for deserving families in Islamabad

free marriage hall Islamabad

Islamabad: Amid the soaring inflation and increasing cost of living, a mosque in the federal capital, Islamabad, has started a one-of-its-kind initiative by offering free marriage hall services to deserving families.

A free wedding hall has been created by the Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8 in Islamabad to assist worthy families in properly and dignifiedly celebrating their daughters’ marriages.

By offering a free wedding venue complete with a stage for the bride and groom, dishes, tables, chairs, and trained waiters to serve food to the guests of deserving brides and orphans, this philanthropic initiative anticipates enhancing the special day of deserving families.

The hall has a three-hour time limit and includes a stage for the bride and groom. The management of the mosque gives parents the option of performing their daughter’s Nikkah personally or selecting a Khateeb of their choosing. To book the hall, deserving parents can contact the mosque management committee.

Taj Qamar, a member of the mosque committee, said that the marriage-related activities would go on uninterrupted even when there were prayers. He advised people to associate the departure of their daughters with the call to prayer (Adhan) and prayer (Salah) to eliminate some superstitions and create a blessed environment that will facilitate a new life.

The mosque recommends that families planning to attend the event should limit the number of guests to 100 or 120 individuals, with an equal number of men and women, and prioritize Islamic teachings while avoiding extravagance by religious teachings.