One in every ten school-age children face vision issues: Dr Salman


Staff Reporter

Al-Shifa International Eye Specialist Dr. Salman Jafer said on Sunday that one in every ten school-age children faced vision issues that can impact their learning ability, personality, and adjustment in school if not treated on time.
Talking to media, he said eye infections are very common in children. They can lead to serious conditions owing to the lack of awareness and healthcare facilities.
He said, seasonal changes bring a lot of infections that cause a corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, redness, hordeolum, swelling, and dry eyes. These conditions usually go unnoticed and when people finally visit doctors for symptoms of diseases, it is usually too late. Delay could cause permanent blindness, as one of the main problems in children’s treatment is non-availability of trained doctors, he added.
He said eye diseases are increasing in the world including Pakistan. More than three million of people are suffering from different eye diseases in the country. The main reason of eye diseases in Pakistan include use of contaminated water, dust, smoke and different allergies.
He urged that patients should visit eye specialist immediately, if they feel any change in their eyesight. Fortunately, modern equipment and surgical techniques are greatly helpful in treating eye ailments parents and teachers should look out for signs of vision problems among children to ensure timely treatment, as healthy eyes are crucial for the kids’ development, he added.