One dies as Naegleria resurfaces in city


The Naegleriafowleri-‘brain-eating’ amoeba- has claimed life of another patient in Karachi.

A 30-year-old resident of Karachi was shifted to a private hospital in Karachi after diagnosed with Naegleria. He was a resident of Karachi’s Quaidabad.

As it was feared with the advent of the sizzling summer, naegleriafowleri has begun claiming human lives and the situation demands greater measures on part of the relevant authorities as the germ finds little resistance because of poor chlorination in most parts of the city.Chlorination is the key method to kill the germ and keep the life-taking disease at bay.

Another way is to use boiled water while cleaning nose as the germ enters through the nasal cavity of its victim and attacks the brain.

According to Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho last year five people had died of NaegleriaFowleri infection (NFI) across the province.

The disease was reported for the first time in Karachi in May 2012 and claimed 10 lives in six months, according to official records.


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