‘Omicron’ is perilous: Dr. Bushra


New Covid-19 variant ‘Omicron’ was more perilous and dangerous for human-being and solid efforts at every level must be taken as the protection of the people from the lethal virus to be assured. Covid-19 vaccination was very important and every of us must facilitate their family, relatives and neighbors for the complete doses of the vaccine as healthier country to be assured.

These views were expressed by Dr. Bushra Jamil, senior professor, Agha Khan University and members of board of National Command Operation Center (NCOC) while delivering her lecture to the participants of one day Webinar & Seminar on “Covid-19 Prevention through vaccine” organized by Deputy Commissioner Badin in collaboration with Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases society of Pakistan and Munnu Bhai Thalassemia Care Center Badin on the other day.

Dr. Bushra Jamil said that sincere efforts have been taken by Government at every level for provision of vaccine against Covid-19 to the children, youth and elderly adding that everyone should stay informed for new developments and directives regarding the Covid-19.

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