Ombudsman making strenuous efforts to improve jails’ conditions

Staff Reporter

Syed Tahir Shahbaz, the Federal Ombudsman has said that his office has been making its utmost efforts to improve jails conditions, changing the mindset and to remove the irritants of criminal administrative justice system.

He was chairing a meeting alongwith the Chief Secretary KPK to monitor the progress in improving jail conditions in KPK at Peshawar.

During the meeting the progress of the Provincial, District Oversight Committees and Welfare Committees to improve life of prisoners especially children, women and destitute prisoners was discussed decisively with all the stakeholders of province.

He was informed that they had already constituted District, Welfare and Provincial Oversight Committees and their meetings have been regularly conducted.

The IG Prisons informed that Juveniles and women prisoners have already been segregated, Prisoners voluntary Donations Fund and Free Legal Aid Committee has been established.

He said that phase-I of Central Prison Peshawar has been completed with the capacity of 2355 prisoners , District jail Abbottabad with 808, sub-jail Besham with 14, sub-jail Charsada with 809 and sub jail Swat with 273 prisoners have been operationalized.

However, sub jail Hangu will be operationalized within two months. He further informed that 06 central jails, 04 district jails and 04 sub jails have also been upgraded.

He said that provincial government of KPK has been exempted all prisoners from examination/verification fees.

He said 2330 prisoners have been imparted formal education, 933 prisoners completed religious education and 75 prisoners have completed adult literacy education.

He further added that apart from this, 705 prisoners have been provided skill development education. He also said that free legal aid was provided to 3,114 prisoners.

He said that proper health facilities through medical treatment and through Psychologists were being provided on regular basis.

He suggested that one high security prison must be constructed for high rate terrorists in the province. He said that Biometric System in all jails of KPK has been established.

The Ombudsman was informed that Rs. 256,560 were donated by the two private persons for Diyat and Rs 42,30,991 have been released by Federal Government Human Right Division for payment in 03 Convicted prisoners as DIYYAT on the recommendations of Sub Committee for ARSH, DAMAN & DIYYAT.

Syed Tahir Shahbaz, Federal Ombudsman has asked the provincial government to encourage the private donors and educational institutions to play their fundamental role more effectively and efficiently.

The Ombudsman also asked the provincial authorities for early establishing high tech coordination system with the concerned departments i.e.

Police, Prisons, Prosecution & NADRA for developing for implementation of biometric verification system / common interface for the prisoners throughout the chain from jails to courts within the shortest possible time.

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