Ombudsman directs AG to hold open kachehries over pension issues



Ajaz Ali Khan, Honourable Ombudsman Sindh, called the Accountant General Sindh to discuss the issues being faced by the retired employees and legal heirs of the deceased government servants in getting their legitimate service dues and directed to take affective measures for timely payment of pension and services dues.

The Ombudsman observed that one of the major causes of delay in grant of pension to the retired employees or family pension to the legal heirs of a deceased employees is the complicated procedure and cumbersome documentation for the purpose, therefore, His Honour called the Accountant General Sindh to discuss the issues and to simplify the procedure to avoid delay in pension cases.

SajjadHyder, Accountant General Sindh, accompanied with his concerned officers including Deputy Accountant General Sindh Pension, Karachi attended the meeting chaired by Honourable Ombudsman Sindh who was assisted by Mr. Farooque Azam Memon, Secretary, Mr. Abid Shaikh, Advisor, Consultant Legal and the Registrar, Secretariat Provincial Ombudsman Sindh.

SajjadHyder briefed the participants about the procedure, rules, policies and steps taken to curb the problems being faced by the retired employees or families of deceased servants.

According to him the major problem was delayed receipt of pension papers from sanctioning departments as the office of A.G. Sind only a disbursing authority.

He highlighted that since last one and half years payment of Anticipatory Pension @ 65% is being started from the very next month in Karachi as well as some other regions of the Province.

After detailed deliberation Honourable Ombudsman Sindh directed the A.G. Sindh to take initiative for integration with the system NADRA for using the facility of biometric and having an access in connection with the legal heirs of a deceased government employee.

Besides, it was also directed that lists of the employees going to retire should be sent to the administrative Secretaries of the Departments and the cases where considerable delay in forwarding the pension papers is noticed, the same should be brought to the notice of Chief Secretary Sindh.

The Ombudsman Sindh also directed the A. G. Sindh to hold regularly “Khuli-Kachehries” in his office and also direct All the District Account Officers to hold such Kachehries in their respective offices in presence of Regional Directors / Representatives of Provincial Ombudsman Offices to extend help to the complainants / applicants to redress their grievances.

It was also agreed that such meetings would be held regularly to discuss the issues and to find out way forward in such matters.


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