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Oman Government pardons 38 Pakistani prisoners

Oman Government pardons 38 Pakistani prisoners

The Sultan of Oman has given special amnesty to 38 Pakistani inmates on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha in exchange for good behavior while serving their sentences.

According to a news statement received today from Oman, 19 of these freed convicts have returned to Pakistan on various planes this week.

Ambassador of Pakistan to Oman, Ahsan Wagan said that the pardon of 38 prisoners on compassionate grounds by the Oman Government was a great friendly gesture. The Government of Pakistan expressed its gratitude to Sultan Haitham bin Tarik for granting Royal Pardons to Pakistani prisoners, he added.

According to the Ambassador, these detainees would arrive in Pakistan in the coming days after travel arrangements have been completed.

In addition to the 38 pardoned convicts, the Pakistan Embassy was working on the legal procedures for deporting 54 Pakistanis who had entered Oman unlawfully or overstayed their visas. Immigration officials detained these individuals for additional investigation and possible deportation.

The Embassy will establish the national status of these illegal immigrants and give them Emergency Travel Documents that were valid for their one-time travel to Pakistan, the Ambassador added.

He said that the Embassy regularly arranges travel arrangements for unlawful immigrants arrested by Omani authorities.

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