Old caves discovered

Our Correspondent

Some caves of older time have been discovered in hilly belt of Thatta, believed to be of the human beginning period here in Marou rocky range in 7/1 Thatta hilly strip on Saturday.

The surprising caves are connected with each other till a big distance, were discovered when some excavating machines were engaged in digging the k4 canal envisaged to supply water and quench thirst of Karachi and particularly people of the newly city Bahiria town.

Although no research work has been conducted so far to know regarding the time period of the caves but area men interested to history have demanded to carryout research work as soon as possible.

Director to Sindhi language authority Dr Mohmmed Manjhi when contacted to comment he said the construed design of these recently discovered caves is required a research he imagined these cave might have been used like house in beginning of human creation so there is dire need to carryout research work to know correct time, period of these caves he added.