OIC General Secretariat resumes work from office



Based on the directives of the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr Yousef Al-Othaimeen, and guided by the decisions recently issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the host country, regulating work during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the OIC General Secretariat and the Subsidiary Organs in Jeddah Governorate resumed work from office on Sunday, 31 May 2020.
Fifty percent (50%) of the staff of the General Secretariat were called back to office in the first week of this June while the rest shall work remotely. The said percentage shall increase to seventy-five (75%) in the second week, meanwhile, work from office will be in full capacity on 14 June 2020.
The General Secretariat undertook the necessary precautionary measures such as checking temperature of the staff members at the gates and entrance of the General Secretariat’s headquarters, and ensuring that the General Secretariat’s staff members put on face masks, in addition to provision of disinfectants and sanitizers in all areas of the GS headquarters and disinfection of the building on a regular basis. Th General Secretariat strictly prohibited gatherings inside the building and stopped receiving guests and visitors until this pandemic ends.
The General Secretariat stressed that these temporary precautionary measures and the restrictions in place aim at protecting the work environment against the spread of the Coronavirus. The General Secretariat indicated that it stands ready to perform its duties in the service of the Member States through videoconferencing, virtual meetings, and correspondence, some of which were taking place before the pandemic, however, they have been excessively used while working remotely and were already applied throughout the lockdown period.—PR

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