Officer loses job for unearthing Rs 10 billion theft at PSM

PSM theft

Karachi: In a bizarre development, an officer was sacked by the higher authorities at the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) after he unearthed a theft of Rs10 billion.

An investigation by engineer Abdur Rahman revealed that materials worth Rs10 billion had been stolen. He had given it to the PSM CEO, naming the officers responsible for the theft and recommending an investigation from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against those involved.

However, contrary to being awarded for his report, Rahman faced an investigation himself as the administration opened an old inquiry against Rahman as a punishment for collecting evidence against the top management officers in the theft of billions of rupees and sent the letter of dismissal to his house.

The management of PSM referred to the report to look into the theft of Rs. 10 billion by the Ministry of Industry and Production as a secret of Rehman’s senior management officers, against whom evidence has been given to the FIA.

The management of PSM, in its response to the government to cover up the theft of Rs. 10 billion, claimed that the officer who created the report misbehaved with the corporate secretary and was given a chance to apologise.

The PSM team shifted the blame to Rehman by declaring him involved in a theft case and adding that Rahman had ignored the show-cause notice by continuing to provide false medical reports.

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