Nurses want extra pay for Covid risk work


Young nurses from across Karachi have been protesting for thirteen consecutive days demanding health risk and Covid allowances to compensate for working under extraordinary circumstances in a pandemic.

The nurses marched from the Karachi Press Club and tried to reach Chief Minister House but they were stopped by the police on Monday.

They said that they would not give in until someone from the government talked to them and accepted all their demands. They came out in such big numbers that the main roads in the area were jammed.

Promotions, risk allowance, extension of contracts of nurses employed during Covid, audit copy of four-tier formula of nurses at JPMC and NICVD, are the major demands put forward by the nurses.

Earlier this year, nurses in Karachi took to the streets because they were not being given a health allowance by the Sindh government. The protest turned ugly and there was baton charge.


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