Nurses’ strike at Services Hospital enters 16th day


Nurses strike at Services Hospital continued for 16th consecutive day on Wednesday against “what they called” misbehavior and highhandedness of Nursing Superintendent Fazilat Lal, demanding her immediate transfer.
According to the nurses, Superintendent Fazilat Lal, accompanied by police, raided Nursing Hostel at Services Hospital in the midnight and misbehaved with nurses for ‘no reason’. The uncalled-for action drew ire and concern of the nurses, who went on strike to protest “what they called highhandedness.” The nurses continued strike for 16th consecutive day, expressing their resolve not to budge an inch from the demand for transfer and stern action against the superintendent.
On the other hand, Punjab Specialized Health Secretary posted Kausar Tasneem as Superintendent last week but she excused from assuming the office. However, she had to takeon the charge after the specialized health secretary admonished her.

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