Nullahs stinking odour, garbage a nuisance for residents


The residents of the federal capital Sunday demanded of the authorities concerned for the cleanliness of city’s Nullahs passing by different residential areas of the city following the monsoon season as stinking odour of these nullahs has become constant nuisance.
Due to inconsistent efforts of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) these natural streams were flooded with heaps of garbage and household waste that had made the lives of people miserable living besides those Nullahs, the citizens alleged. Many people have been seen swimming in these dirty watercourses without knowing its repercussions that may lead them to numerous infectious diseases, Ali Nawaz a resident of I-8 told APP.
“A lot of inhabitants are suffering from respiratory diseases due to intake of polluted air spewing through these drains”, he added. Javed Akram another resident of I-10 urged the MCI to ensure the provision of dumpsters near these Nullahs to avoid throwing garbage into it.
He underscored the need to evolve a mechanism for proper disposal of garbage and monitoring of the system besides charging heavy fines to the violators.—APP