NSU to support technology institutions in Balochistan



Youth and technology trainers in the far-flung areas of Pakistan will be facilitated to learn and popularize skills education across the country. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of the National Skills University (NSU) Islamabad, and Vice Chairman of National Technology Council stated this during a meeting with Engr Inayatullah Taren, Principal Govt College of Technology, Quetta. According to Engr. Taren, Balochistan is blessed with healthy youth eager to contribute to the nation’s prosperity. There is a dire need to equip this workforce with the necessary job/entrepreneurial skills to be beneficial citizens inside the country or go abroad to earn decent livelihoods besides bringing much-needed remittance to the nation.

Prof. Mukhtar also asked the Principal of the Govt College of Technology to bring students and faculty of his college for a study visit to the NSU. The university will provide maximum facilitation for sharing resource persons and short-term training for students from Balochistan and other far-flung regions of the country having relatively lesser opportunities for skills education. Engr. Inayatullah Tareen, Principal of the Govt, College of Technology, Quetta, thanked the Vice Chancellor and promised to seize the opportunities offered by the NSU to elevate standards of technical education in his college as well as others.