Not aware of backdoor’s PDM-Establishments contacts: Murad


Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while presidingover a meeting on law and order on Tuesday has directed provincial police to start snapchecking and extensive patrolling to improve security situation inthe province. The meeting was attended by MinisterLocal Government Nasir Shah, Advisor Murtaza Wahab, Inspector General of Police Mushtaq Maher, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro, ACS Home Usman Chachar. Adl IG Karachi GhulamNabiMemon. The IGP gave a detailedoverall briefing about lawandorder situation in the province to the chief ministerwhile the briefing of the Adl IG Karachi was city- specific. The CM directed the IGPolice to ensure proper and extensive police patrolling in the city and inother districts. The targeted and intelligence-based operation launched againstdrug mafia, terrorists, out laws and the street criminals should continue. He said that the responsibility ofthe police department was to ensure proper protection of the public and theirproperty. “Alhamdullah, the overall law and order situation in the province issatisfactory but we have made it an exemplary,” he said.ACS Home Usman Chahar briefed the chief minister about the measures taken to implement Standard OperationalProcedure (SOPs) in the city. Later, talking to the media here at Sindh Assembly Building, Murad Ali Shah said that he doesn’t know if back door contactsbetween Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and the Establishment have beenestablished. “This is purely a matter of thePDM leadership and I don’t know what is happening there.”This he said To a question about the back doorcontact between the PDM and the Establishment, Murad Ali Shah said, he had noknowledge of such contacts. The PDM leadership was capable enough to answer themedia about this question. To another question about the WorkersWelfare Fund (WWF), the CM said that the WWF, under the 18thconstitutional amendment, was devolved to the provinces. He added that the provincialassembly has passed a bill to collect WWF and engaged the Sindh Revenue Board(SRB) to collect the fund on behalf of the Workers Welfare Board. The federal government which hasbitterly failed to achieve its revenue collection targets has now come up withthe decision to centralize WWF collection. “I don’t remember when the WWFcollection agenda was taken up in the CCI meeting,” he said and added he would checkit with the minutes and other document then he’ll brief the media about theprovincial government stance on the matter but this is very clear that the CCIcould not supersede the provincial law.” Shah said, “Ourpublic meeting in Larkana would be held in open space and it is not a closed-doorgathering that COVID-19 would spread.” he said.

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