Norwegian-Pakistani ‘Bobo’ beats disability to make waves all across



Nearly one-meter tall Norwegian-Pakistani Burhan Chishti – affectionately known as Bobo – has become an internet sensation after his wedding report with his tall bride from Pakpattan on Geo News catapulted him to new heights but for Bobo it’s his social activism that matters more than anything else.
On a visit to London to take part in a concert and to celebrate his 37th birthday with his friends and fans, Bobo shared how his life has changed ever since his hit wedding reception in September 2019 in Oslo, Norway. His Nikkah was held in Lahore in March 2017.
Nearly 25 million people have watched Bobo’s wedding report on Geo’s Facebook and Youtube channels. During his London visit, Bobo was accompanied by his management team comprising one of many bodyguards/assistants and his manager including his sister Dr Sarosh Chishti who is a general practitioner (GP) in Oslo.
Bobo is born with a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta – aka brittle bone disease – and is wheelchair bound but he lives his life to the fullest on a daily basis.
Bobo joked that his routine has changed ever since getting married and he no more affords to stay out of the house till wee hours. “I have become more responsible. When I was a bachelor, I could do anything with my time and I often stayed with friends, chilling partying and travelling. I am still doing all of that but I have a wife to look after and I try my best to stay in discipline,” he said.
Known for being social and partying with many artists and celebrities, Bobo quipped, “You have to change your habits although old habits die hard. Change happens for everyone and change is always good.”
Although Bobo is born with a disability, his parents never treated him like a special child. He was taken care of in every aspect and his parents made sure that he went on to complete his graduation in business administration from a local university. He has four siblings of which two are doctors and two are teachers. —Agencies

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