Noble Perfumes launches Abeeha Mamoon’s latest scent edition



At the prestigious location Dusit Thani Dubai, on Friday 1st April 2022 a pop up event was held to launch the fragrances. Noble Perfumes has launched something “classic” and ‘Delegate” into its online stores this spring with Abeeha Mamoon’s latest limited edition scent.

This series is comprised of Abeeha Mamoos Signature, Abeeha Mamoon Original and Abeeha Mamoon Intense. It is designed in state of the Art, encased in sophisticated styled bottles. The company’s founder and CEO, Ali Noble, built the brand out of constant and fear-less risk taking.

This methodology surely takes Noble Fragrances’ new venture to high heights. Marketing Executive, Zia ur Rehman started the launch with the introduction and story reel of the journey of Noble Perfumes. Abeeha Mamoon described this series as the “Fragrances to match your mood”; this was the start of Noble Perfumes in the heart of Dubai and inspired the new campaign. Abeeha Mamoon series can be pre-booked from their website

Original, Intense and Signature are available in the size of 85 ml at starting prices 325 AED, 350 AED and 375 AED respectively. Our campaign is all set to roll out globally over the coming month.

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