No sane person would eulogise war


No sane person would eulogise war or justify a war between Pakistan and India. Therefore it is very unfortunate that on both sides of the border slogans of jingoism and war mongering are being raised with a sense of pride and glory. For heaven’s sake try to realise that there is no glory or achievement in the killing and murder of thousands of people.Glory lies in saving human lives, helping mankind and in redressing pains of millions of the people who are suffering because of poverty, hunger and disease. In the name of this suffering humanity, all liberal, peace-loving and saner elements of both Pakistan and India should come together to defeat warmongers, fundamentalist and misanthropist. This can be done by rising above one’s narrow interest of party, nation, sect or religion and seeking a universal truth that is upheld by all human beings.
Larkana, Sindh

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