No power in world can crush Kashmiris’ freedom struggle: Fawad

Staff Reporter

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaud-hary Fawad Hussain said on Wednesday that no power in the world could crush the freedom move-ment of the valiant Kashmiri people and the day was not far off when the dawn of freedom would emerge.

Addressing the participants of a photographic exhi-bition organised in connection with the Black Day of October 27, he said the Kashmiris struggle would continue till freedom and Pakistan would continue it moral, diplomatic and political support for this just cause.

Fawad said that Kashmir remained the focus of Pakistan’s politics, economy and foreign policy. He said Pakistan has fought three wars with In dia on Kashmir issue and personnel of Pakistan Armed Forces have sacrificed their lives for Kashmir cause.

He said that this photographic exhibition was a glimpse of Indian atrocities on armless Kashmiri people demanding their inherent right to self-determination. He said that the Indian repression of Kashmiris had no parallel in human history.

He said that the world community should fulfill its responsibilities regarding Kashmir. He asked UN and other international organizations to fulfill their obligations and pressurize India to stop genocide of Kashmiris.

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