No headway in negotiations between admin & Wana protest leaders

Adam Khan Wazir

The protest sit-in of “Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon” (Waziristan peace public movement) in South Waziristan Lower Wana failed to succeed in the negotiations with the civil administration. All roads linked to Waziristan were closed for traffic, more than 8 thousand shops and business centers of Wana Rustam Bazaar were closed.

Addressing a press conference by the leader of Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon (Waziristan peace public movement), PPP senior leader Imran Mukhlis said, that the negotiations with the local administration were going on for the last four day but the administration is not serious about negotiations, so “Waziristan Aman Oalsi Pasoln” is thinking of taking more drastic measures.

He said that we are giving this message to the leaders of international human rights, that we are seeking peace in our country and region according to the Pakistani constitution. But the government is not taking our basic demands seriously, and thousands of people have come out on the streets and roads to get their legitimate demands. Imran Mukhlis said that we are begging for peace from the state institutions and officials for peace and order in Waziristan.

We are being forced to take extreme measures, on the fifth day of the sit-in, more than 8,000 shops and business centers in Rustam Bazar Wana were unanimously locked by traders and people. “Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon” on Friday, January 6 the people of Waziristan responded to the call of (Waziristan peace public movement) and participated in large numbers in the protest and sit-in regarding peace.