No free sari . . !



AS I see the multiple floor crossings by our politicians, I realise that these men and women have no ideology they believe in and it is only we voters who have been made fools by believing them when we cast our votes for what we think they stand for. But in my imagination my wife and maid servant were not as foolish as I was after we cast our votes in the last election as you will see:

The wife was furious, “I cast my vote. Where is my free sari?” “It is not for free saris or free pressure cookers, TVs or vada-pavs that we cast our vote, but for the strengthening of democracy!” I said. “Biriyani!” “What?” “No more vada-pavs or lime juice, it is biriyani and beer the political parties offer for your vote, and women get saris.” “I didn’t cast my vote for a bribe,” I said proudly. “Are you sure?” asked the wife, “The way you were trying to convince me to vote for that funny looking fellow, I had a notion you were getting something. Where is my sari?” “I did not get anything,” I said, “And he is not funny looking!”

“See there you go again, defending him. Did you get your beer and biriyani?” “Do I look like someone who can be bought with a beer and biriyani?” “You could be bought for less,” said the wife, “Where is the sari?” “I did not got any sari!” “Are you sure?” “What would I do with a sari, other than giving it to you?”

“So why didn’t you negotiate?” “Negotiate?” “Yes husband, the whole country negotiates for votes, ask our maidservant what she got for her vote? Ask her?” “Madam this sari I am wearing, and my husband got a pant piece!” “For one vote?” I asked incredulously. “No sir, we went three, four times. There are many dead people in our area, for whom we gave vote!”

“We could have also done that,” said the wife, “Mr Kumar died last year, and Mrs..” “I do not look like dead Mr Kumar!” I said stubbornly. “Those officers are not very particular sir!” said the maid helpfully. “I guess they won’t be if they also get a biriyani and a bottle of beer!” I said.

“Stop grumbling,” said the wife, “All of them have made the best use of our great electoral process and like fools we go and give our vote for free. No wonder I saw that electoral officer sniggering when I entered. What did that funny looking fellow we voted for promise you?” “He said, he would fix the potholes on our roads! At least one hour a day of water supply, and less sewage in our drinking water!” “Ha, ha, ha!” laughed my maid. “Ha, ha, ha!” laughed the wife bitterly as she looked with envy at my maid’s free sari..!


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