No confidence move aimed to seek media attention: Musarat


The purpose of submitting a no-confidence motion in Punjab by assorted parties affiliated with the imported government is to gain media attention only. Arranging 186 MPAs is beyond the worth of the so-called PDM and they should turn to the public court and allow political and economic stability in the country through elections.

This was stated by Chief Minister and Punjab Government Spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema in a statement issued on Tuesday.

She asserted that nothing, but humiliation, will be the fate of those who trade members in the Punjab assembly. Instead of working day and night to save the assemblies, if attention had been paid to improving the economic situation, the election would not have happened, she suggested. No PTI member in the Punjab assembly will cross the floor. Political blackmailing tactics cannot reduce the public popularity of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, she added. The nation is a witness that whenever chairman Imran Khan took a decision in the interest of the country, the opponents came down to his character assassination, she lamented.

Instead of competing in the political arena, the opponents do the stupid thing of creating and playing deepfake audios and videos; she further said and regretted that the prime minister’s house of a nuclear country was converted into a production house for audios and videos. A bunch of shameless people are making personal attacks after defeat in the political arena.Unpopular political dwarfs are engaged in foolish attempts to smear Imran Khan, she said.

This scam of fake pictures and audios is not new. The true heirs of Imran Khan’s politics are more than 22 crore Pakistanis. People have rejected them before and will reject them again.