No compromise on accountability: Shah Ch Sarwar says govt going nowhere despite PDM’s protests


Federal Minister for Interiors Ijaz Shah has said that pledge to weed out corruption and hold across the board and transparent accountability will be fulfilled.
Ijaz Shah was talking to Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar during a meeting here Saturday. Both the leaders exchanged views on a set of issues including political situation of the country.
On the occasion, the interior minister said, “We will fulfill the promise of holding across the board and transparent accountability and eliminate the corruption.
Because people have mandated the PTI government to rule the country for five years to resolve all the challenges.”
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that the government is staying and will stay although no many how many public meetings and protest rallies are held by the opposition. “We will not allow the politics of chaos by our political opponents succeed”, he added.
He underlined that PM Imran Khan and the government will complete its constitutional tenure. The general elections will take place in 2023, he added.
He vowed not to compromise on elimination of corruption and transparency because Imran Khan pursues politics of principles.
He said that the PTI has come to the power for public service and change the life of the common man for better. He said that despite difference of opinion, everyone should prefer national interest, which is above all.
The Motorway Police have opted for a unique method to keep the drivers awake and alert while driving. One of the main reasons for so many accidents on the Motorway is the sleepy drivers, said a spokesman of the Motorway Police.
To tackle the problem, the Motorway Police are now distributing chewing gums among drivers on Central Zone and M-3 to keep them alert. The spokesman is also of the view that the long-haul road-users must take a break while on the Motorway for a long time.
Fatigue and half-sleep drivers can be the cause of accidents, he added. Usually long-haul drivers often chew gum during trips to keep their mouths busy when they’re feeling sleepy. Chewing gum will help prevent drivers from yawning when they are on the road. It may seem like the sooner drivers get to their destination, the better, because then drivers can finally relax.
However, drivers should not travel at unsafe speeds when they are tired – this way they will only be putting themselves and others in danger. If possible, the drivers should their journey at a time when they can avoid being behind the wheel in the wee hours of the night.

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