No cell phone needed . . !



EVEN as communication gets easier and easier and we now can speak, see each other and know how our near and dear ones are at hardly any cost, I wonder why the easiest mode of communication, which is prayer is hardly used. Prayer is powerful, and prayer is effective. We don’t need even a costly cellphone for it!

Forty-one-year-old John Hufton was the manager of a gas station located in the small town of Asbury, Kentucky. One evening at closing time, John started to clear the cash register, just as he always did. His wife was waiting for him inside the station. “Just as I reached for the light switch, a dark blue Cadillac pulled up,” John says. As he walked toward the car, he asked God to send protection, especially for his wife who was inside and just as vulnerable as he was.

“Can I help you?” John asked the driver. The window was down and the young driver, looking somewhat nervous and scared, thrust a one-hundred dollar bill out to John, but as he put the nozzle in, the driver quickly turned on the engine and sped out of the gas station, tires squealing. John was astonished. What was wrong with this guy? He had acted so strangely—and then left his $100 bill without getting change.

Two days later, John looked up to see the same driver, in the same blue Cadillac, pulling into the station. He had probably come back for his change, John thought, “Can I help you?” he asked as he approached the vehicle. The young man, he noticed, was still looking nervously around. Finally, he stared straight at John. “Where are those two guys?” he asked.

“What two guys?” John asked. He was getting more perplexed by the minute. “The ones I saw two nights ago,” the driver answered. “Why do you ask?” he responded.

The aggression seemed to go out of the driver. “When I came in here then, I was planning to rob the station, and to kill you and your woman,” he said. “But then as I reached for my gun under the seat, these two big dudes—at least seven feet tall, came up to the car and stood by you! Where did you get such protection?”

“I prayed..!” said John humbly and watched as the driver revved his engine, and shot out of the station. John knew who had sent those two dudes to him. He had just made a prayer call, that’s all..!


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