No body will be stopped from casting votes: Rashid

Sheikh Rashid warns of Int'l scheme to carry out terrorist activities in major cities

Says Imran will not call off his March 27 rally

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid on Sunday said the government will not obstruct anyone from casting their vote on the no-confidence motion tabled against Prime Minister Imran Khan by the joint opposition.

During a press conference in Islamabad, the interior minister stated that the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would not resort to extra-constitutional measures to sway the results of the motion of no-trust against Imran Khan.

The minister said, “The honest will stand with Imran Khan at this time; I am confident that even the party dissenters will change their minds”, adding that the opposition was involved in “bribing” lawmakers with stolen money parked in off-shore accounts.

Amid claims by the ministers that the lawmakers will have to wade through a million-strong crowd to cast their vote, the joint opposition had decided to move the Islamabad High Court for the holding of peaceful and uninterrupted voting on the no-trust move filed against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Rashid said that National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser had the right to postpone the no-confidence session in case of security situations. He added that there was precedence for such a move, like the rulings by former speakers Yousaf Raza Gilani and Wasim Sajjad.

Rashid said that “ground politics” would commence from March 27. “Imran Khan is holding a rally on March 27, he is not going to call it off — the opposition has also called for a march,” the minister stated.


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