NLC to equip all border crossing points with latest system


National Logistics Cell (NLC) has decided to equip all the border crossing points across the country with the latest terminal operating system, to this modern system the efficiency of the border terminals will be improved, transparency will be ensured, the duration of goods clearance will be reduced, Information processing will be fully automated and cost will be significantly reduced.

The installation process of the advanced system developed by NLC is expected to be completed by April 2023.

According to reliable sources, to further enhance the efficiency of border terminals, ensure transparency and reduce clearance time of goods, the National Logistics Cell (NLC) has developed a state-of-the-art terminal operating system for all border crossing points of Pakistan doing.

With the implementation of this system, the process of cargo handling and information exchange will be fully automated, which will significantly reduce time and cost.

Laboratory testing of the Terminal Operating System has already been successfully completed at Headquarters NLC while the beta version is being installed at Kharlachi Border Terminal.

The system is a first-of-its-kind automated system that is expected to be installed at all border terminals by April 2023.

The terminal operating system will provide the required data without delay to the relevant entities that will be associated with the application programming interface.

It will make the management of the Yard more transparent by providing scanned images of cargo and vehicles, weight and information on arrival and departure of staff.

The operational modules of this system include RFID management, gate-in management, vehicle inspection, third party integration (WeBOC, Health Department etc.), Yard management, warehouse, vehicle monitoring and gate-out management.

The Terminal Operating System shall issue alerts in case of any abnormal delay in cargo handling and shall provide an efficient system for smooth functioning of cargo handling process and timely issuance of reports.