NKATI chief urges govt to save industries from destruction


KARACHI Capt. A Moiz Khan, patron in chief, North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), Nasim Akhtar, president, said that rise in electricity tariff, current gas crisis is alarming and the recent price rise of petroleum products have adversely affected industrial activities, resulting will be destroyed the export industry, so Prime Minister, Imran Khan requested to save industries from destruction. NKATI leaders said in a statement that high power, gas tariff and lack of gas supply to industries with required pressure has made extremely difficult to continue production activities because utility services have become costlier, as industrial production costs have already risen drastically. They said that cost of production is exceeding export orders, so exporters are avoid ing to take new export orders due to the financial losses, which will severely affect domestic exports. Recalling Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s promise with business community of Karachi before his arrival in government, Capt.Moiz Khan and Nasim Akhtar said that Prime Minister, Imran Khan had promised that he would come to power and facilitate business and promote exports. Will set up industryfriendly policies but he did not do anything that caused severe disappointment in business community. “Prime Minister play role to reduce electricity and gas tariff, also ensure gas supply to the industries as per demand gas pressure”, they urged. They requested to prime minister that instead of locking up industries, policies should be formulated to make it easier for industries to run for creating employment opportunities and promote country exports.