Nine dead as Kabul car bombing targets Afghan lawmaker



A car bombing in Kabul targeting an Afghan lawmaker killed at least nine people on Sunday, officials said. Lawmaker Khan Mohammad Wardak survived the blast but is among the 20 injured including women and children, Afghan Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi said.
It is unclear whether the explosive was planted in a car parked on the lawmaker’s route or if a vehicle with the bomb was being driven by a bomber, Andarabi added.
Afghanistan has seen a sharp rise in violence, particularly bombings, in recent weeks as the Afghan government and Taliban hold talks to find an end to the country’s almost 20-year-long war.
Separate bombings were also reported on Sunday in the provinces of Logar, Nangarhar, Helmand and Badakhshan, in which a number of civilians and security forces members were killed and injured.
On Friday, a suspected rickshaw bomb blast killed at least 15 civilians, including 11 children, in central Ghazni province.
The Afghan interior ministry in a statement said that the Taliban had killed 487 civilians and injured 1,049 others by carrying out 35 suicide attacks and 507 explosions across the country over the past three months.—Reuters

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