Nine arrested for selling fresh currency notes


Police have arrested nine people for selling fresh currency notes ahead of EidulFitr in Kharadararea in a crackdown against the illegal currency market, it was learnt on Wednesday.

According to a private TV report, fresh notes were sold in Kharadar area of the city with sellers seeking extra money to provide the notes, usually used as Eidi on the festive occasion.

This year, the SBP has announced not to issue new currency notes ahead of EidulFitr over concerns that it could lead to a virus spread due to transmission through notes and congregation at banks for getting the money.

The State Bank had also not issued fresh currency notes last year when the country was reeling under the first wave of Covid-19 infections.The police while acting on the TV report, carried out a raid in the neighbourhood and arrested nine people selling the fresh notes. SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz said that those arrested were found illegally selling currency notes.


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