NIC conducts training program for lady entrepreneurs

Staff Reporter

The National Incubation Center, located in Islamabad conducted a 5-day bootcamp for female entrepreneurs to equip them with the necessary skills and techniques for raising investment.

The event was held virtually from the 15th to 19th of February 2021 and aimed to empower women entrepreneurs with the art of fundraising so they can gain access to better investment opportunities.

Globally, only 1 in 3 small, medium and large businesses are owned by women. Particularly in Pakistan, women entrepreneurship is at a nascent stage, with only 1 percent of women engaged in entrepreneurial activities, as opposed to 21 percent men.

2020 was a promising year for Pakistani startups, with 50 startups raising prominent investments; however only three of these were solely led by women.

The 5-day bootcamp was attended by 20 female founders running businesses in sports, agriculture, E Commerce, Virtual Reality, Education and more.

The training was based on content designed by Invest2Innovate and Village Capital, and was conducted as part of the World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-fi) Program in Pakistan.

More than 10 trainers were engaged to deliver sessions in their areas of expertise. The audience enjoyed interactive sessions with all trainers on the Dos and Don’ts of raising investment.