NHA initiates expansion, repair of Peshawar-Chitral highway

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Peshawar Chitral highway widening and repair work has been startedby National Highway Authority (NHA). the construction and repair of these roads will make travel easier for local people and tourists, on the other hand it will also reduce the rate of accident after construction of these roads, there was a wave of happiness among the people of the area.

Roads play a key role in the development of any region or country. Chitral is a tourist district where every year Brughal, Qaqalisht, Shandoor festival is held as well as various annual religious festivals also organizing by Kailash tribe. Tourists from all over the world, including Pakistan, come here every year to see the unique culture and unique festivals of Kailas community. But every tourist who comes here has one complaint that the roads of Chitral are very rough. The roads should be improved so that these tourists do not face while they travelling on these roads.

From Ziarat to Ishrit near Lowari Tunnel, the work on the road has been left unfinished by NHA for many years, the commuters have to face a lot of hardships. However, now the National Highway Authority has started the construction and repair work on the main highway of Peshawar Chitral through Pasban Contractors, which caused a wave of happiness among the local people. The road will be quite wide upto 40 feet. The opening and necessary repairs of these roads will not only make it easier for local people and tourists to travel, but it will also reduce the ratioof accidents. Bibi Shakra, a woman councillor from Drosh, says that the construction and repair of these roads women can be easily rushed to the hospitalwhile earlier that they deliver babies or die on the road before reaching hospital.

Engineer Zeeshanul Haque also thanked the NHA for opening and repairing these roads, which will also promote the tourism of Chitral.

Abdul Qadir, Chairman of Village Council Drosh Bazar, has described it as very important for promotion of tourism.