AJK capacity building moot suggests more empowerment of women


Speakers at capacity building workshop exclusively for women mediators emphasized on equal access of both men and women to education, healthcare, and technology to ensure their vibrant and result oriented constructive role in all sections of the society.

The day-long workshop was hosted by the world fame Kashmiri think tank, Center for Peace, Development, and Reforms (CPDR) here Friday encourage the women participation in all spheres of life with due powers.

The participants comprising about 20 women activists from the Muzaffarabad region discussed the role of women in the socio-economic sphere of life in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and to formulate strategies to improve their representation in decision-making.

There was broad agreement on this occasion that empowering women and promoting gender equality can fundamentally liberate human potential.

Seasoned academician of Pakistan Prof. Dr. Shaheen Akhtar said that women’s participation was crucial to maintaining peace in longstanding and durable practices.

The involvement of civil society groups and incorporation of women’s organizations in social systems minimizes their failure chances by 64 percent, endorsing that negotiation and mediation are the fundamental methods of conflict resolution”, she added.

She criticized the existing power structure and exclaimed that it required modification and an improved discourse on gender.

“The literacy rate of women in AJK is 67 percent, indicating the high level of girls’ enrollment in schools as compared to other regions where noticeable gender disparity exists,” she articulated.

However, women still have limited access to information, training and decision-making powers. Hence, their creativity, insight, and entrepreneurial inspirations remain challenged.

Irtaza Muhammad, the Programme Manager for CPDR, stated that as part of CPDR’s commitment to gender inclusion; they are committed to developing the capabilities of Kashmiri women and enabling them to take on a larger role. The CPDR’s goals include gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The second session of the workshop titled, “Journey to Self-Discovery”, was conducted by Manal Sohail, an Anthropologist and Communication Specialist. She encouraged the participants to share their insights.INP