New LG ordinance curtails Municipal bodies powers


New Punjab local govt ordinance has curtailed the powers of Municipal committees thus creating lot of problems for the residents.

People from different walk of life told newsmen that earlier birth registration, new water connections, maps of new buildings, divorce registration and marriage registration were being done at municipal committee level as Chief Officer municipal committee was the approving authority.

Now after new local govt ordinance, the powers of all these public related issues have been transfered to Chief Officer District Council.

This act of the govt has created lot of problems for the people as in Attock district there are six municipal committees and now all cases are referred to Chief Officer District Council and timely approval of such cases could not be given as the only officer sitting in district council can’t give approval for such cases because of work load and other departmental problems.

Similarly the retired employees of Municipal committee are also facing problems in receiving their pensions as approval of pension bills is now given by District council officer.

People said, this govt had promised decentralisation of powers at local level but despite the power has been centralised. They demanded the ordinance be with drawn and powers be given back to municipal committee officers.


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