New gas schemes


WHILE gas crisis is hitting hard various consumers from
domestic to industries, government has surprisingly approved one hundred and twenty one countrywide gas development schemes at a cost of Rs6.051 billion. Indeed gas network needs to be expanded and it must reach unserved areas and localities.
The decision to launch new schemes appears to be more political in nature as there is already great shortage of gas in the country with depleting reserves and increasing demand for gas which contributes some forty eight percent to country’s energy mix. Especially over the last many years, people have been facing severe gas load shedding during winter season when its demand propels significantly. What will be the benefit of developing these gas schemes, if there is no gas available to meet domestic requirements? The decision will rather backfire and evoke resentment amongst people against the government. Therefore, it will be better for the government to focus on projects that enhance domestic reserves in the long term through expediting exploration activities and to meet short and medium term demand. Gas should be imported keeping in view the demand of consumers especially domestic and industrial. It is only by ensuring energy security, we can give impetus to industrial revival and achieve higher economic growth.