Need stressed for craft centre for women

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Sunny Mukhtiar, a female councilor of Tehsil Council Rustam said that an urgent need for a craft center for the unemployed and skilled hardworking women of Tehsil Rustam to provide opportunities for decent employment and skills training to women at their doorsteps, she expressed these views while talking to the media.

Female tehsil councilor added that the poor and that in Bangladesh, 3.2 million women are working in the garment industry and running the home system with men, while in our country, 5.7 million housewives are receiving Income support program stipends. She argued that it is need of time that we should shift women from charity to labor.

For this, it is very necessary to establish handicraft centers for women at the village council level.

She added that practical steps are needed in this regard. She argued that housewives in rural areas are hardworking and have the ability to learn skills quickly.

She added that through this way the women can support their families. She added that she tries her best to work in this regard.


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