Opening of Angoor Ada border demanded

Adam Khan Wazir

Leaders of South Waziristan-affiliated political parties held an emergency press conference at the District Press Club Wana, and said that on July 18, 2022, Pakistan has decided to facilitate bilateral trade relations and trade between the two countries on the Pak-Afghan border. The delegation headed by Secretary commerce Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Farooqi visited Kabul.

And talks between Afghan Minister of Commerce & trade Noor Udin Azizi and Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motaqi were held in Kabul until July 20, 2022. In which it was agreed to facilitate bilateral trade relations and trade professionals, which is a welcome thing.

Now that the bilateral delegation has agreed to open four places Torkham, Chaman, Kharlachai and Ghulam Khan border for bilateral trade 24 hours a day. Which will not only ease the difficulties faced in trade between the two countries, but also increase the trade volume between the two countries.

Imran Mukhlis said that it is a complete excess to Angoor Ada Border because the location of the area and the border is not only suitable from other borders but Angoor Ada is close to 1400 km for border trade. Which can make it easier for traders on both sides to reach the goods in less time and at less cost than other borders.

Customs has already made all arrangements regarding trade on both sides of the border. Ignoring Angoor Ada Border by both the delegations is injustice and injustice to the trade professionals but also injustice to the people of the area. They said that the area has been affected a lot in the War of Terror by starting commercial activities, peace and development can return to the area.

They said that they strongly demand the federal government that the previous governments have announced on many occasions to transit the Angoor Ada border, so the Angoor Ada border should be opened for trade as soon as possible for 24 hours.

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