NEECA making efforts to minimize energy crisis in Pakistan: MD AU holds seminar on energy efficiency, conservation


Zubair Qureshi


The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is making unprecedented efforts to innovate in all sectors of economy to minimize energy crisis in the country and to make Pakistan energy-efficient.
This was said by Managing Director of NEECA Dr Sardar Mohazzam at a one-day seminar on Energy Efficiency and Conservation at AIR University on Wednesday.
During the one-day activity experts from NEECA, academicians and technical experts on energy sector engaged with the students and faculty at Air University to raise awareness regarding energy efficiency and conservation and informed them how they could play role in making Pakistan energy-efficient by switching to energy efficient appliances and introducing those in their social circle, homes and daily life.
The speakers highlighted the importance of energy efficiency and conservation in addition to its relation with policy, innovation and climate change mitigation.
MD NEECA Dr Sardar Mohazzam said NEECA since 2016 was working on a phased approach for institutionalization, operation and implementation.
“We have successfully completed the first phase and now gradually entering into the second that is the operation,” he said.
MD NEECA further said that the authority had updated NEECA’s strategic plan and have set goals for next five years. He added that we warmly welcome the students, academia, research community and think tanks to come forward, and work with us, as NEECA is the best platform for all energy efficiency focused groups.
VC Air University, Air Marshal (R) Javaid Ahmed welcoming the MD NEECA at the Air University said solution to Pakistan’s energy woes lay in innovative approach and NEECA was doing a commendable job in that direction. He urged the students to come up with out of box solutions and focus on new scientific research and studies.