NED-PUAN host creative writing master class for peace building, Human rights


The Humanities Department of NED University of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network hosted a five-day creative writing for ‘Peace, Human Rights, Social Cohesion, Democracy, and Freedom of Expression’ Master Class.

The class provided participants with mentoring and essential training to expand their ideas and initiatives to promote peace, prosperity, social cohesion, democratic practices, and freedom of expression. PUAN alumni working as senior professionals, writers, and social activists in public and private sector organizations attended the five-day event.

Some highlights included workshops and panel discussions by academics, intellectuals, and politicians like Mehtab Akbar Rashidi, Syed Maaz Shah, Dr. ErumHafeez, Dr. ShehlaNajibSidiki, LubnaJerarNaqvi, Bina Shah, IOWA alumna and author and Dr. Fatima Dar. Guests shared their perceptions, experiences, and thoughts on issues related to the event’s themes, emphasizing an urgent need to create awareness through the constructive processes of reading and writing.

Prof. Dr. Sajida Zaki, Chairperson, Humanities Department of NED University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail, Pro Vice-Chancellor of NED University of Engineering and Technology, Nicole Theriot, the Consul General of the U.S. Consulate General Karachi, presided over the closing ceremony.

Prof. Dr. SajidaZaki highlighted the outcomes of the PUAN initiative as being advantageous for both participants and the nation in their pursuit of peace and prosperity. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail, Pro Vice Chancellor of NED University, complimented the PUAN initiative aimed at building social institutions by fostering the development of fundamental communication abilities among the participants.

Nicole Theriot, the guest of honor at the ceremony, praised organizers and attendees for their efforts in promoting professional development and inclusivity in Pakistan by preparing individuals ready to work for democracy, human rights, and peace in the region.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates and mementos to the attendees and organizers. The Master Class provided a wonderful opportunity for participants to acknowledge creative writing as an important tool to build peace and promote freedom of expression across communities and regions. PUAN is excited to spark a wave of sustained participation for future collaborations.


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