NCSW, Muslim Embassies, hold Workshop on Muslim Women Pioneers: Leading Economic Growth


National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) in collaboration with the Embassies of Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey launched a series of International workshops on best practices from women’s breakthrough leadership in economic affairs, human development, politics and policy making, today at the Indonesian Embassy. The 1st session focused on pioneer Muslim Women attaining leadership roles in economic growth and was attended by eminent panelists and ambassadors of Indonesia, Tunisia and Jordan.

Young women entrepreneurs displayed various hand made artifacts, including furniture, rugs, bedding and jewelry. This was done in the spirit to promote women empowerment through economic development. On the occasion H.E Indonesia said:

“If women are made self-sufficient, nations rise.” The workshop focused on alleviating the abysmal economic conditions of Muslim Women. The speakers discussed that Muslim Women have served as outstanding leaders such as Fatima Jinnah and Benazir Bhutto. Five women speakers narrated their success stories who included noble prize laureate Ms Ouided from Tunisia and Roshanay Zafar, MD Kashf Foundation.

During her keynote speech, Ms Nilofar Bakhtiar said,

“18 economies of the world still have draconian laws which allow men to prohibit their wives from working. However, once the women are economically empowered, it has a multiplier effect on the well-being of the family.”

The event ended with positive concluding remarks from H.E Ambassador of Jordan who raised the need for a proactive approach from the governments to ensure women are provided with equitable economic resources to excel in their respective fields.

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