Nawaz has support of Pakistanis, doesn’t need Indian backing: Zubair


In his first press conference on Monday after being appointed as spokesperson, Zubair lashed out at Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill who had alleged that Nawaz was targeting the army because it “questioned him about his anti-state activities in league with Indian premier Narendra Modi and his business partnership with Indian businessman Sajjan Jindal”.
Zubair said Nawaz did not need the support of Indians as he already has the support of Pakistanis. “If you don’t have support here, then God forbid you would go to India but we have support here. Pakistan’s people are not satisfied with this government according to a survey. We should not be told who Nawaz Sharif met, this is utter lies and we condemn this.
“Shahbaz Gill, Sheikh Rashid and others said that 11-12 Indians met Maryam Nawaz recently. Now tell me [how is it] that 11-12 Indians are roaming freely in Pakistan and the government knows nothing. Who gave the news to Gill and Rashid? When you have nothing political left, that’s what you do (level allegations),” he said.
Zubair added that PML-N has the right to send a legal notice if the statements regarding meeting of party leaders with Indians were not retracted.
He also said that the party would accept double standards. “They say Nawaz’s speeches cannot be aired because he is an absconder [and] treason has been committed. Imran Khan was an absconder for 2.5 years in Islamabad when he was making speeches from containers. We will not accept double standards.
“Attempts have been made to break PML-N for the last two years but we are still here with just one stance — that of Nawaz Sharif. We will take to the streets until this government is removed,” he said.

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