National Skills University trains youth in surveying skills

Staff Reporter

A group of female students from the Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, H-8 Islamabad, spent a day in the National Skills University Islamabad workshops to learn surveying skills.

Surveying skills are required in the construction of buildings, roads, highways, and dams.

They involve “the process of determining relative position of natural and manmade features on or under the earth’s surface, followed by the presentation of this information either graphically in the form of plans or numerically in the form of tables, and the setting out of measurements on the earth’s surface.

Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister for Education & Professional Training, who is also Pro-Chancellor of the University.

Further elaborating on the training, the Vice Chancellor said that girls are excelling in various skills programs.

Aligning with the vision of the Prime Minister’s “Skills for All” initiative, the National Skills University Islamabad is emerging as the leading institution in the country for training youth in various skills through short training to appreciate the importance of vocational and contemporary education.

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