National Seerah Conference Held at NUML



National Seerah Conference held at the National University of Modern. Departments of Islamic Thoughts & Culture organized the Seerat-un-Nabi SAWW Conference.

Guest Speakers highlighted the various aspects of the Seerah of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and stressed that act upon the Seerat is the key to success for the Ummat. They are of the view that mere describing the Seerat with tongue is not enough we must act on it and tells the world through our actions that we are the followers of Holy Prophet SAWW. The Socio-Economic reforms and aspects of the Seerah were discussed in detail.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mustafeez Alvi, head of department briefed the audience about the conference and hoped that during the session audience will learn some new aspects of Seerah. He said that it is need of the hour to highlight the socio-economic aspects of the Seerah to make our youth understand the true teachings of Holy Prophet SAWW and this topic will remain dominate in the conference.

At the end Director General NUML Brig Syed Nadir Ali thanked all the guests and expressed his views to adopt some aspects of Seerat in our lives. DG stressed the need to think about the blessings of Almighty that He created us among the Umatis of His beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW and termed it as the biggest blessing of Allah.

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