Nation to observe COVID-19 SOPs amid Pakistan Day celebrations


Pakistan Day, which is commemorated annually to remember the ‘Lahore Resolution’ of 1940 is historical for every Pakistani as the memorable day contributed to the establishment of Pakistan.

Amidst the extremity of the third phase of COVID-19 pandemic, the forthcoming Pakistan Day celebrations on March 23rd will be organized throughout the country by numerous public and private agencies. However, this year will be different as the nation prepares to celebrate the day virtually. Nevertheless, the nation’s patriotic spirit, on the other hand, has not been dampened, as citizens across the country prepare to commemorate the day with the same zeal and fervor as in previous years, renewing their pledge to foster solidarity, paying homage to national heroes, and praying for Pakistan’s prosperity.

The Pakistan Day Parade, which will be the focus of the festivities, will take place in Islamabad in conjunction with all COVID-19 SOPs. Military and civilian parades will take place early in the morning, with gun salutes in the federal and provincial capitals.

Both government buildings and offices will be draped in the national flag, with several of the more prominent ones being decked out in lighting. Flag-raising ceremonies will also take place at Pakistan’s diplomatic missions across the globe.

The educational and literary institutions in the federal capital, as well as the rest of the world, are organizing a number of virtual events, such as debates, drawing, poetry, article writing, and other competitions, in order to pique the interest of the younger generation in learning about their ancestors’ sacrifices for the development of Pakistan.

To commemorate the day, the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has organized a musical performance. National songs will be presented by a variety of well-known singers and musicians from all four provinces, as well as Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The PNCA’s National Puppet Theatre will also put on a puppet display in which various characters will perform folk tales, skits, and national songs in order to teach and instill patriotism and affection for the land.

On March 23, the PNCA will host a children’s display called “Youm-e-Pakistan,” which will include national songs and speeches reflecting the importance of the day and the freedom struggle.

It has been standard practice for brands, internet stores, eateries, and even cab-hailing and salon services to provide substantial discounts on various gazetted holidays that receive a large response from the public. Hence, a number of well-known brands in the federal capital have begun providing discounts on clothes, shoes, and other accessories. To avoid the danger of COVID-19, online shopping from the websites of well-known brands has already become normal.

Youth and children have begun purchasing national flags, badges, models, and stickers from stalls set up across the region to decorate their homes and vehicles.

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