Pakistan celebrates Allama Iqbal’s 83rd death anniversary


Nation is celebrating the 83rd death anniversary of national poet and scholar Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal today.

Allama Iqbal is exalted as the hero of the nation for granting the Muslims of the subcontinent the idea of a separate state, where they could live according to their faith and customs.

Iqbal also developed the Two-Nation Theory and proposed a separate land for Muslims on the Indian subcontinent, where they could reside separately according to their religious and cultural practises.

Iqbal was born in Sialkot on November 9, 1877 and went on to become a brilliant poet and intellectual who, by his writing, instilled a progressive spirit in the Muslim youth of the subcontinent at the time.

His first collection of poems, The Secrets of the Self, was published in Persian in 1915, and he also wrote The Secrets of Selflessness, Message from the East, and Persian Psalms.

Asrar-e-Khudi, Payam-i-Mashriq, Bang-i-Dara, Bal-i-Jibril, Zarb-i-Kalim, and Armughan-e-Hijaz are among his most famous pieces.

In addition to these masterpieces, Allama Iqbal’s poetry has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and English, among other languages.

Not only Pakistanis but people from all across the world regard Iqbal as a prolific poet, writer and an intellectual theorist in the modern age.

Because of his deep thought and foresight, Iqbal was awarded the title of Allama.

On April 21, 1938, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal passed away.

According to Radio Pakistan, a host of events have been planned to honour the great thinker.

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