Nasreen Jalil’s appointment



PRIME Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday approved the nomination of Nasreen Jalil, a senior leader of MQM-Pakistan for the slot of Sindh Governor and forwarded a summary to President Arif Alvi for her appointment.

The seat had fallen vacant after Governor Imran Ismail resigned from the post immediately after Shehbaz Sharif took oath as Prime Minister on 11 April.

Nasreen Jalil would be the second woman to hold the top office after Rana Liaquat Ali Khan who held the governorship from 1973 to 1975.

Her appointment has two important aspects. Firstly, it signifies the greater role of women in the political arena.

Over the years, one has seen the women coming forward and playing an active role in politics side by side with their male counterparts.

Benazir Bhutto reaching the top seat of Prime Minister and then Fehmida Mirza serving as the Speaker National Assembly are the shining examples for many women to emulate.

Nasreen Jalil’s appointment as the Governor once again manifests that our society is accepting and recognizing the role of women in different fields and this really will help further empower the women folk.

Being the Governor, we also expect that Nasreen Jalil will leave no stone unturned to address the problems still faced by the women.

We have no doubt in the ability of Nasreen Jalil as she possesses rich administrative and legislative experience.

She, in fact, started her politics from the grassroots and then gradually was assigned different tasks by her party, the MQM, including as Senator and the Deputy Mayor of Karachi.

Hence, we consider her the most suitable choice for this seat. Secondly, her elevation has come as part of an understanding reached amongst the coalition parties.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the main political parties are honouring the commitments made with the coalition partners.

Given the current tense political situation, this really is need of the hour to avoid any further uncertainty.

The coalition parties will have to work in tandem in order to better come up to the expectations of the masses.


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