Nasir Shah concerned at elimination of 117 institutions by Centre


Sindh Minister for Local Government and Information has strongly condemned the federal government’s plan to eliminate 117 institutions and more than 70,000 posts, saying that the PTI government has promised crores of jobs.

“Millions of jobs have been lost, not only jobs have been lost, now 117 federal agencies are also on the verge of disbanding.”

In a statement issued from his office on Tuesday,he said that Imran Khan was being wiped out in the process of formation of institutions which took 70 years.  The Prime Minister was in the process of handing over the profitable institutions to his ATMs which would be strongly resisted. Where is Imran Khan who promised to run institutions and give jobs in elections. Every promise of the Prime Minister is proving to be a wall of sand.

Nasir Shah further said that Imran Khan’s further stay in power will lead to tragedies because to make the poor unemployed is the first promise made by Imran Khan to his masters which is being fulfilled vigorously. Decisions made under pressure from the IMF are causing a lot of laughter. Imran Khan has no idea that playing with the economy is weakening Pakistan in the region


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