Naran Hotel Association announces 30% discount


Hotel Association Naran Wednesday set an example by reducing 30 percent rent of hotels and restaurants of the region for tourist in the wake of petroleum price hike and inflation.

In district Mansehra, from Balakot to Babusar Top there are more than 2500 large and small size hotels where 250000 employees and owners are dependent and earning bread and butter for their families during 75 days of the season for whole year.

Owing to the price hike and inflation in all over the country all business are facing huge losses while keeping in view of the current situation on the eve of Eid-ul-Adha Hotels Association Naran declared 30 percent discount on hotels and restaurants.

President Hotels Association Matee Ullah Jan said that the discount was given in the wake of petroleum price hike.

Tourists have appreciated Hotel Association Naran for their announcement for reduction of rent.—APP


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