NAB notice: School teacher dies of heart attack


Our Correspondent


A school teacher died of a heart attack after he received a notice from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a benami account case on Saturday.
A resident of Thatta, Faheem Ahmed received a notice from NAB regarding a Benami account in his name showing transactions of millions of rupees.
The school teacher suffered from a cardiac attack soon after receiving the NAB notice. The sources while shedding light on the case said that transactions of millions of rupees were detected from a bank account in Dadu, owned by a family in Thatta.
The detection caused alarm bells over the transaction of a large sum of money and the NAB authorities sought an explanation regarding it from the account holder.
The brother of the victim, Sheraz, however, rejected allegations against the school teacher, saying that they were poor people and have nothing to do with the transaction of the large sum of money.
“I am a private security guard while my brother was a school teacher,” he said adding that they were unnecessarily dragged in the case. “We did not know anything regarding the opening of the said account. The NAB officials should not drag the family to their offices,” he pleaded.
It is pertinent to mention here that benami accounts have been used in the country to transfer illegally accumulated wealth.